In Memoriam

It seems an odd way to start off a brand new website with the first blog entry about death, but for days I have felt the need to be sure this is there. It will always stand out as my first.  

I knew  Shanara from working with her mom.  She would stop in every now and again, and always have a happy cheery smile on her face.  Even though she was a teenager, which I find intimidating, she just brought a brightness with her.   

When I heard she was diagnosed with cancer, I no longer worked with her mother, so I asked around, added her support page to my facebook, and tried to stay current with her condition.  I tried to visit her, but the day I stopped she had been able to get a daypass and wasn't there.  I was so happy for her.  I left her a note and some fudge which her mom shared was a favourite.  She was a girl after my own heart right there!  

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