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My love for photography started at a very young age. Somewhere around the age of 10 while at our family cabin, I witnessed my first shooting star. There was only one thing to wish for, my very own camera. That Christmas it happened! I still wish on stars but I can't say all my wishes have come true yet. It seems I was always taking pictures, causing me to take on new babysitting jobs to buy film and then the expense to get it developed. In grade 10, I decided I wanted to take photography a step further so I enrolled in a tech school for grades 11 and 12. This sealed my interest and I knew I wanted more.

I continued on to the university level, and the best part was the requirement of a 35mm camera. I can still smell that box when I opened it. My parents told me it would be my graduation, birthday, and Christmas that year. Nothing could have made me happier! In university I learned that capturing an image the way you want it is much easier in the camera than post production. Being claustraphobic did me no favors in the darkroom, where I spent many hours. After university my photography remained a personal passion. Having kids supplied me with never ending opportunities for subject matter. I documented many years of what was important to me, my family.

This brings us to now and what changed. I found myself with an empty nest and an opportunity to do what I always wanted. We converted our garage into a full photography studio in the fall of 2011, and opened my business. My desire for my clients is that they enjoy the experience and leave feeling happy that they have documented that piece of their life. All packages come with either prints or a photobook as it makes me sad to see people with either discs or images on their computer, but never seem to get them to the professional print form.

Before doing a shoot I enjoy input from the client to what their anticipated final result will be. Everyone usually has a motivation that brings them to a photographer. Maybe they saw something in a magazine, or a friend's recent pictures, maybe it's just a great new haircut to capture. But the final copy should be what they are hoping to see. Clients who give me complete artistic freedom are just as welcome. I never choose my own haircut or colour, so I undertand the person who says, "I just don't know, you tell me."

I have the luxury to do appointments when they are most convenient for clients. Being the busiest photographer has never been my objective. I like to have proper time for a shoot and also for editing. A magnificent final result is always my goal. To insure this, you don't make final payment until you see and pick up your package. Be picky about your photographer. Having a consultation to see if they are right for you and to see samples of their work is completely acceptable.


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All packages can be done in studio or on location.

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